How to transfer a batch of data between GCS buckets using Cloud Functions

Rajathithan Rajasekar
4 min readMar 1, 2023
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In this post, we will see how to transfer data from one cloud storage bucket to another cloud storage bucket using EventArc and CloudFunction.

Let’s Consider a scenario where data is uploaded to source bucket at different times in a day and all these data needs to be staged together in another GCS bucket for further processing down the data pipeline . Accumulating data all together in a batch helps in efficient & cost-saving batch operations.

Batch load of data from GCS to GCS

Step 1:

Enable all the required APIs when prompted at each section.

Create your source bucket in the region of your choice, set all default options and disable public access.

Step 2:

The data that is uploaded to the source bucket should follow a certain lexicography . eg: 03–01–2023-File-001.txt, 03–01–2023-File-002.txt.. and so on .

Step 3:

Create an eventarc trigger for the storage bucket event type — “” and destination platform as cloud functions to create the cloud function along with this event…



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