How to create a JWT token from Google Cloud Service Account Key

Rajathithan Rajasekar
1 min readDec 8, 2021
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In this post, we are going to see how to generate the JWT token using Python from a google cloud service account key. To identify a service that sends requests to your API, you use a service account. The calling service uses the service account’s private key to sign a secure JSON Web Token (JWT) and sends the signed JWT in the request to your API.

Follow the below steps

Step: 1

Import the necessary packages

from google.auth import cryptfrom google.auth import jwtimport osimport ioimport jsonimport time

Step: 2

Define the service account credential path

# Service account key pathcredential_path = "service-account-key.json"os.environ['GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS'] = credential_path

Step: 3

Define the keyfile path, service-account email address, audience and expiry_length (TTL)

Step: 4

Create the payload with time, expiry, issuer, audience, email address



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