How to configure IP cam recording to router NAS Storage

Rajathithan Rajasekar
4 min readApr 3, 2021
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Security cameras are very essential now a days to monitor, track and record incidents in residential and commercial areas. There are lot of low cost IP cameras in the market, I use a FOSCAM C1 720 px wireless IP Camera with Night vision to monitor my doorway entrance.

Some of these IP cameras provide a P2P protocol , to send data directly to the manufacturers cloud storage , so you have an option to monitor the area via an iphone or android app. In case you don’t want your data to be shared with a third party server and want to manage the recording within your home network , you can use a router NAS option. I use a Netgear C3700–100NAS N600 for recording the IP Cam’s video files in the USB drive attached to my router.

This blog post provide you series of steps that you can follow to setup your IP camera recording to a router NAS Storage. The navigation screens might differ for various routers and IP camera, but the procedure is the same.

Foscam C1 camera
Netgear 3700

Step 1:

Configure the USB as a NAS Storage in your router, you can get to the admin page of your router by opening up the address ( or in the browser.

  • Change the device name.
  • Change the default admin username and password.
  • Enable the local share, FTP Intranet & Internet with Admin password protection.
  • Once you add the USB drive it should be visible under the Available network folders, if it is not visible, shutdown the router, insert the USB drive again and restart the router.
NETGEAR USB Storage settings

Step 2:

Identify the ip address of your IP cam by going through the list of attached devices. It should display the internal ip address of each device connected, Mostly it…



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