Cloud sql proxy provides secure access to your instances without the need for Authorized networks or for configuring SSL. It provides secure connectivity and easier connection management. In this blog post , we are going to see how we can configure TCP load balancer with managed compute instances running cloud sql proxy as a service to connect the private cloud sql instance.

The reasons to go for cloud sql proxy MIGS are given below,

  1. An on-prem application wants to establish connection to the private cloud sql in GCP via Hybrid connection ( VPN or Interconnects )
  2. The instance running cloud-sql-proxy…

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Deleting old files in a server is one of the oldest and most basic administrative tasks. Usually this is accomplished using a scheduled task or a CRON job which will execute a script to assess the old files in a location and delete them. In this blog post we are going to see how we can execute a python script on a schedule from a cloud location.

I have an IP Camera at my home that monitors the doorway entrance and stores the video recordings in a FTP server ( I don’t want to store them in cloud for cost…

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Security cameras are very essential now a days to monitor, track and record incidents in residential and commercial areas. There are lot of low cost IP cameras in the market, I use a FOSCAM C1 720 px wireless IP Camera with Night vision to monitor my doorway entrance.

Some of these IP cameras provide a P2P protocol , to send data directly to the manufacturers cloud storage , so you have an option to monitor the area via an iphone or android app. In case you don’t want your data to be shared with a third party server and want…

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Powerball and MegaMillions are two of the most famous lottery games in USA, most of the people I know, have tried at-least once in buying these lottery tickets to try their luck. It is very interesting to see, how a series of 6 numbers have changed people’s lives.

In both these lottery games, one has to choose 6 numbers from two separate pool of numbers.


  • Choose 5 numbers between 1 to 69
  • Choose 1 number between 1 to 26 (Powerball Number)


  • Choose 5 numbers between 1 to 70
  • Choose 1 number between 1 to 25 (Mega GoldBall Number)

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A certificate signing request is an encoded file that is generated in a server or device using a private key. It is then given to the certificate authority to create a server certificate. This server certificate will only with the private key that was used to generate the CSR.

In case of generating a CSR with multiple domain names , we need to use a conf file . This post provides the necessary details to do that. To download and install the openssl for your server , follow the below steps.

OpenSSL Download link:

OpenSSL Github Repo link:

OpenSSL Installation…

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In this post, I am going to show how to use Outlook VBA code to extract employee Info for Analysis. The MSDN docs to work with Outlook VBA model and EXCEL VBA model are available online in the Microsoft website, The link to the websites are given below,

Using the VBA reference , you can develop applications specific to Outlook for various programming tasks .

To enable visual basic editor, go to outlook options and enable the developer tab.

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In my previous post on extracting compute engine inventory , I have not included the details on how to extract the network and ip address details , the link to my previous post is given below,

In this post, I have provided the details on how to extract the network, subnetwork, private-ip (Internal Ip) and public-ip ( External Ip) address details of all the compute engines across all the projects in your GCP org.

Please note that you should have org admin privileges to run the shell script successfully and to extract all the project details under your GCP org…

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Google Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed service for executing Apache Beam pipelines within the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem. These pipelines can be stream or batch pipelines, In the below example , I have explained on how to run a Batch pipeline in Google cloud using dataflow.

Apache Beam is an unified programming model for running stream and batch data pipelines .The pipeline runner can be a DirectRunner, SparkRunner, FlinkRunner or Google cloud’s Dataflow and the pipelines are currently programmed using Java or Python languages, support for other languages might evolve in the future.

In the below example I have…

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Cloud Pub/Sub is a managed messaging service in google cloud platform . Messages can be publish from any event source system to the cloud pub/sub topics for consumption. In this post , we will see how to publish messages to the cloud pub/sub REST endpoint

Create a topic with a topic id, to which the messages will be published. The rest end point for the topic would be in the below format,

Sample REST Endpoint{project-name}/topics/{topic-name}:publish

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In this post , we are going to see how we can extract the list of keys generated for all service accounts across all projects in an entire org to a CSV file. For every cloud service provisioned in google cloud a default service account is created automatically for that service. As soon as you provision a project , a compute engine default service account and an app engine default service account is created automatically, each project can have a total of 100 service accounts and with each service account 10 service-account-keys can be created.

These service accounts do not…

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